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All Drivers supported by Etherboot project
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Family drivers Drivers type Adaptors model/name
3c590 3Com590
3c595 3Com595
3c595-1 3Com595
3c595-2 3Com595
3c900-tpo 3Com900-TPO
3c900-t4 3Com900-Combo
3c900b-tpo 3Com900B-TPO
3c900b-combo 3Com900B-Combo
3c900b-tpb2 3Com900B-2/T
3c900b-fl 3Com900B-FL
3c980-cyclone-1 3Com980-Cyclone
3c9805-1 3Com9805
3csoho100-tx-1 3CSOHO100-TX
3c450-1 3Com450 HomePNA Tornado
3c905-tpo 3Com900-TPO
3c905-t4 3Com900-Combo
3c905-tpo100 3Com905-TX
3c905-combo 3Com905-T4
3c905b-tpo 3Com900B-TPO
3c905b-combo 3Com900B-Combo
3c905b-tpb2 3Com900B-2/T
3c905b-fl 3Com900B-FL
3c905b-tpo100 3Com905B-TX
3c905b-t4 3Com905B-T4
3c905b-9058 3Com905B-9058
3c905b-fx 3Com905B-FL
3c905c-tpo 3Com905C-TXM
3c980 3Com980-Cyclone
3c9805 3Com9805
3csoho100-tx 3CSOHO100-TX
3c450 3Com450 HomePNA Tornado
id1029 Intel EtherExpressPro100 ID1029
id1030 Intel EtherExpressPro100 ID1030
82801cam Intel 82801CAM (ICH3) Chipset Ethernet Controller
eepro100-1032 Intel PRO/100 VE Network Connection
eepro100-1033 Intel PRO/100 VM Network Connection
eepro100-1034 Intel PRO/100 VM Network Connection
eepro100-1035 Intel 82801CAM (ICH3) Chipset Ethernet Controller
eepro100-1036 Intel 82801CAM (ICH3) Chipset Ethernet Controller
eepro100-1037 Intel 82801CAM (ICH3) Chipset Ethernet Controller
id1038 Intel PRO/100 VM Network Connection
82562et Intel PRO100 VE 82562ET
id103a Intel Corporation 82559 InBusiness 10/100
82562etb Intel PRO100 VE 82562ETB
eepro100-103c Intel PRO/100 VM Network Connection
eepro100-103d Intel PRO/100 VE Network Connection
eepro100-103e Intel PRO/100 VM Network Connection
82551qm Intel PRO/100 M Mobile Connection
82559er Intel EtherExpressPro100 82559ER
82865 Intel 82865 EtherExpress PRO/100A
82556 Intel 82556 EtherExpress PRO/100 Smart
eepro100 Intel EtherExpressPro100
82562em Intel EtherExpressPro100 82562EM
82562-1 Intel 82562 based Fast Ethernet Connection
82562-2 Intel 82562 based Fast Ethernet Connection
82562ez Intel 82562EZ Network Connection
eepro100-5200 Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 Intelligent Server
eepro100-5201 Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 Intelligent Server
e1000-82542 Intel EtherExpressPro1000
e1000-82543gc-fiber Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82543GC Fiber
e1000-82543gc-copper Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82543GC Copper
e1000-82544ei-copper Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82544EI Copper
e1000-82544ei-fiber Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82544EI Fiber
e1000-82544gc-copper Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82544GC Copper
e1000-82544gc-lom Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82544GC LOM
e1000-82540em Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82540EM
e1000-82545em-copper Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82545EM Copper
e1000-82546eb-copper Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82546EB Copper
e1000-82545em-fiber Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82545EM Fiber
e1000-82546eb-fiber Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82546EB Copper
e1000-82541ei Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82541EI
e1000-82540em-lom Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82540EM LOM
e1000-82540ep-lom Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82540EP LOM
e1000-82540ep Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82540EP
e1000-82541ep Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82541EP
e1000-82547ei Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82547EI
e1000-82546eb-quad-copper Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82546EB Quad Copper
e1000-82540ep-lp Intel EtherExpressPro1000 82540EP LP
tg3-5700 Broadcom Tigon 3 5700
tg3-5701 Broadcom Tigon 3 5701
tg3-5702 Broadcom Tigon 3 5702
tg3-5703 Broadcom Tigon 3 5703
tg3-5704 Broadcom Tigon 3 5704
tg3-5702FE Broadcom Tigon 3 5702FE
tg3-5705 Broadcom Tigon 3 5705
tg3-5705_2 Broadcom Tigon 3 5705_2
tg3-5705M Broadcom Tigon 3 5705M
tg3-5705M_2 Broadcom Tigon 3 5705M_2
tg3-5782 Broadcom Tigon 3 5782
tg3-5788 Broadcom Tigon 3 5788
tg3-5702X Broadcom Tigon 3 5702X
tg3-5703X Broadcom Tigon 3 5703X
tg3-5704S Broadcom Tigon 3 5704S
tg3-5702A3 Broadcom Tigon 3 5702A3
tg3-5703A3 Broadcom Tigon 3 5703A3
tg3-5901 Broadcom Tigon 3 5901
tg3-5901_2 Broadcom Tigon 3 5901_2
tg3-9DXX Sysconnet 9DXX
tg3-9MXX Sysconnet 9MXX
tg3-ac1000 Altima AC1000
tg3-ac1001 Altima AC1001
tg3-ac9100 Altima AC9100
tg3-ac1003 Altima AC1003
lancepci AMD Lance/PCI
pcnetfastiii AMD Lance/PCI PCNet/32
amdhomepna AMD Lance/HomePNA
dc21040 Digital Tulip
ds21140 Digital Tulip Fast
dc21041 Digital Tulip+
ds21142 Digital Tulip 21142
mx98713 Macronix MX987x3
mx98715 Macronix MX987x5
mxic-98715 Macronix MX987x5
lc82c115 LinkSys LNE100TX
82c168 Netgear FA310TX
dm9100 Davicom 9100
dm9102 Davicom 9102
dm9009 Davicom 9009
centaur-p ADMtek Centaur-P
an981 ADMtek AN981 Comet
an983 ADMTek AN983 Comet
an983b ADMTek Comet 983b
centaur-c ADMTek Centaur-C
intel21145 Intel Tulip
ax88140 ASIX AX88140
rl100tx Compex RL100-TX
xircomtulip Xircom Tulip
tulip-0981 Tulip 0x104a 0x0981
tulip-2774 Tulip 0x104a 0x2774
tulip-9511 Tulip 0x1113 0x9511
tulip-1561 Tulip 0x1186 0x1561
tulip-a120 Tulip 0x1259 0xa120
tulip-ab02 Tulip 0x13d1 0xab02
tulip-ab03 Tulip 0x13d1 0xab03
tulip-ab08 Tulip 0x13d1 0xab08
lanfinity Conexant LANfinity
tulip-8410 Tulip 0x1626 0x8410
tulip-ab09 Tulip 0x1737 0xab09
davicom9100 Davicom 9100
davicom9102 Davicom 9102
davicom9009 Davicom 9009
davicom9132 Davicom 9132
rtl8129 Realtek 8129
rtl8139 Realtek 8139
rtl8139b Realtek 8139B
dfe538 DFE530TX+/DFE538TX
smc1211-1 SMC EZ10/100
smc1211 SMC EZ10/100
delta8139 Delta Electronics 8139
addtron8139 Addtron Technology 8139
dfe690txd D-Link DFE690TXD
fe2000vx AboCom FE2000VX
allied8139 Allied Telesyn 8139
fnw3603tx Planex FNW-3603-TX
fnw3800tx Planex FNW-3800-TX
clone-rtl8139 Cloned 8139
dlink-530tx VIA 6102
via-rhine-6105 VIA 6105
dlink-530tx-old VIA 3043
via6105m VIA 6105M
via-rhine-old VIA 86C100A
winbond840 Winbond W89C840F
compexrl100atx Compex RL100ATX
sis900 SIS900
sis7016 SIS7016
dp83815 DP83815
fa311too DP83815
ma301 Netgear MA301
3c-airconnect 3Com AirConnect
ss1023 Siemens SpeedStream SS1023
correga Correga
smc2602w SMC EZConnect SMC2602W
gl24110p Global Sun Tech GL24110P
16ab-1101 Unknown
wdt11 Linksys WDT11
usr2415 USR 2415
f5d6000 Belkin F5D6000
emobility Nortel emobility
prism2_pci Harris Semiconductor Prism2.5 clone
hwp01170 ActionTec HWP01170
dwl520 DLink DWL-520
rtl8029 Realtek 8029
dlink-528 D-Link DE-528
winbond940 Winbond NE2000-PCI
winbond940f Winbond W89c940F
compexrl2000 Compex ReadyLink 2000
ktiet32p2 KTI ET32P2
nv5000sc NetVin NV5000SC
holtek80232 Holtek HT80232
holtek80229 Holtek HT80229
surecom-ne34 Surecom NE34
via86c926 Via 86c926
wd WD8003/8013, SMC8216/8416, SMC 83c790 (EtherEZ)
ne NE1000/2000 and clones
3c503 3Com503, Etherlink II[/16]
epic100 SMC EtherPowerII
smc-83c175 SMC EPIC/C 83c175
3c509 ISA/EISA
3c529 == MCA 3c509
3c515 Fast EtherLink ISA
eepro Intel Etherexpress Pro/10
cs89x0 Crystal Semiconductor CS89x0
depca Digital DE100 and DE200
sk_g16 Schneider and Koch G16
smc9000 SMC9000
sundance ST201 Sundance 'Alta' based Adaptor
dfe530txs D-Link DFE530TXS (Sundance ST201 Alta)
netel10 Compaq Netelligent 10 T PCI UTP
netel100 Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI UTP
netflex3i Compaq Integrated NetFlex-3/P
thunder Compaq NetFlex-3/P
netflex3b Compaq NetFlex-3/P
netel100pi Compaq Netelligent Integrated 10/100 TX UTP
netel100d Compaq Netelligent Dual 10/100 TX PCI UTP
netel100i Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX Embedded UTP
oc2183 Olicom OC-2183/2185
oc2325 Olicom OC-2325
oc2326 Olicom OC-2326
netelligent_10_100_ws_5100 Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX UTP
netelligent_10_t2 Compaq Netelligent 10 T/2 PCI UTP/Coax

Last updated: $Date: 2004/06/02 14:10$ (GMT+1)

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[26/05/04] New beta release 0.0.3b available
All the chipsets supported by Etherboot project added, go to download area.
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